At a young age Wayne was classically trained at the
Cleveland Institute of Music, he played in the Children’s
Orchestra. In Junior High he was introduced to the full drum
set playing in the school jazz stage band.

Then came Rock& Roll. Believing the only way to make it big was to play
originals, Wayne was mostly in 3 piece power progressive
bands. That gave him room to improvise in a effort to createa big sound.

Chasing the dream to cities where acts were being signed led him to playing in Elijah; Boston:

The SebackProject and 10 K ; Austin : Armored Saint; San Diego: Bootleg Dog; Cleveland .

Ego's and partying were always the demise. Popular belief is " If You Don't Get Signed In
Your 20's , then It's Never Going to Happen."
Wayne set down the sticks for a couple decades but stayed in the industry.

He received a degree in Recording Arts Technology, and had successes at Play Time Records
and Crooked River Grove Records.

The unique and challenging music of Crystal Ball Band cannot be denied.

Wayne states:
" It is an honor and privilege to be playing again with such
top notch musicians.

Wayne Agoston