Brad Mcgovern‚Äč

My love of making music started when I was in high school. I was involved with the school band (playing trombone) and some of my band mates thought it would be fun to form a rock band. We all choose an instrument to learn and I was assigned to learn rock guitar. We had a lot of fun playing high school dances and roller rinks but decided to hang it up when we all left for college. Years later, while attending church, I was given an opportunity to play in the worship band. Here I expanded my instruments to include keyboards as well as guitar and vocals. I have since fallen in love with the keyboard and can't go a day without playing it. Some of my friends from school had formed a band called Second Hand Smokeand were gracious enough to allow me to join the band when their previous keyboard player decided to quit. We perform classic rock as well as original music. Lucky for me, some of the members of Crystal Ball happened to be at one of our gigs and extended me an offer to audition on keys for them. I have since fallen in love with the music and the challenges of playing it. As other members have mentioned in their bios, the band is truly like a family and we all enjoy making music together. I am amazed by the level of talent the members bring to the music and am truly blessed to be a part of it.