Band Members

Chris Turk: 12 String and Electric Guitars, Vocals

Dave Downing:  Bass Guitar and Vocals

Sherry Turk:  Vocals, Rauschpfeife, shawm, Recorder, Penny Whistle, Percussion

Mike Baran: Lead and Classical Guitars, Mandilin

Wayne Agoston :  Drums and Percussion

Brad McGovern :  Keys, Synth, and Vocals

Crystal Ball  Band pays tribute to Ritchie Blackmore's  'Blackmore's Night.

(We are the only Blackmore's Night Tribute in the U.S.A)

We take our audience on a musical voyage to provide an entertaining evening of listening and fun. ‚Äč

The music  reflects styles from the modern world to  the days of mystical tales, fair maidens and castle in the mist.

Using eclectic medieval wind and percussive instruments, along with modern day amplified instruments creates a sound few band can boast.